Value the car, value the safety

Achievements of adoption in 800 stores in 34 countries around the world! SENSHA CO., LTD. Produces and sells high-quality car wash products and paint protection films.

Value the car, value the safety

SENSHA makes and sells quality car washing and coating products.

  • About SENSHA

    SENSHA has more than 800 detailing and coating shops and provide quality car washing and coating products in more than 35 countries.

  • About Paint Protection Film (PPF)

    SENSHA collaborately researched and developed with film manufacturers to materialize our Paint Protection Film, Syncshield. This protect your car body from steppingstone and scratches. Syncshield is our new flagship product.

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We offer a range of products that covers all your needs of car washing and coating. Our quality products satisfy not only car owners but also professionals.

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Paint Protection Film that is specially cut and sized for different car models and easy to use.


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    We, SENSHA, has a global distributor network (SENSHA Family) to deliver our quality products and service in the globe.

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