Sole Agent Wanted

We offer high quality products and reliable services At SENSHA, we believe that the superior we do our jobs, the superior you are satisfied.

Sole Agent Wanted

The racetrack is where we live. It’s where we prove our commitment to making ever-better cars. That’s why we’re proud to announce our latest creation for the racetrack: the 2019 Supra Xfinity Series Race Car. With itsability to produce over 800 horsepower

What we can do?

  • Start a business at low cost

    At SENSHA, there is no membership fee or monthly franchise fee. You can start as a SENSHA brand if you have the necessary technical trainings. Our goal is the same as our partners globally, the success of the business.

    ・ Brand mark usage
    ・ No membership fee
    ・ No monthly franchise fee

  • Procurement support

    All products supplied from SENSHA are developed in-house and produced in Japan to distribute to our partners around the world. There could be some bottlenecks of procuring products such as order lot size, purchase price and delivery date. We always work with our partners to reduce and improve these issues of procurement.

    ・ Purchasing orders made easily through a dedicated system
    ・ Discounted prices
    ・ No minimum order quantity
    ・ Accept multiple payment methods
    ・ Clear shipping schedule
    ・ Transport cost quotation

  • Provision of promotional materials

    By becoming our partner, our images and videos uploaded to SNS by SENSHA Family in 33 countries can be used freely. This helps reduce promotional costs when stating a business.

    ・ Use of images and videos from SENSHA Family
    ・ Promotional strategy advice

How to become a distributor

  • STEP 01

    Contact us via inquiry form

    Please contact us by entering required information via inquiry form. We support Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian languages.

  • STEP 02

    Provision of sample products

    Let us know your request first. Then we will deliver our sample products so that you will know the quality our produts

  • STEP 03


    Building trust among us our partners and contractors is significantly important. Please do ask any questions or concerns to build a better relationship.

  • STEP 04

    Conclusion of a contract

    We will send you a contract. This contract is an important document to protect your rights. Please make sure to check the contract before signing and sending back to us. The contract will be completed by us signing on and returning it.

Distributor inquiry

Please enter required information and click the send button.