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Polishing compound for painted surface all range use


SCRATCH CUT (3) 20L (Use quantity : 15ml/car)

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Origin Japan
List Price 150,150 Yen
No of Use 1,333
Cost per car 113 Yen


Feature and benefits

Restore the original best condition by removing dullness and minor scratches made during washing.



The surface of the body loses its brilliance over time and becomes dull. Most of the causes are car wash scratches and wiping scratches. Innumerable small scratches (scratches) cloud the paint and make it easy for water stains to adhere. This product Scratch Cut is a professional-grade paint abrasive that is actually used in professional shops and car wash specialty stores. It removes car wash scratches and wiping scratches that cause dullness with both machine and hand polishing. Can be done. The biggest difference from commercially available abrasives is that they are non-silicon type. Many products, both commercial and commercial, contain silicone so that they can be polished and glossed at the same time. Even if polishing is performed with an abrasive that contains silicon, the abrasive particles will slip on the silicon, and the polishing power cannot be exerted accurately. Therefore, in order to fundamentally improve the condition of the painted surface, a completely non-silicon type abrasive such as this product Scratch Cut is indispensable. In particular, I am confident that owners who say, I have used various solvents, but none of them are good enough will understand the difference if they use them.

Why so well removed

Remove dirt and scratches with the latest technology!



This product Scratch Cut is our original automobile painting / abrasive developed with the latest technology. By blending different abrasive particles and a new manufacturing method, it demonstrates unprecedented polishing power. It is no exaggeration to say that there is a clear difference from commercial products.


Regardless of manual or mechanical polishing, depending on the condition of the painted surface, there is a possibility that deep scratches and water spots (ring stains) will not be completely improved.


Please use our Scratch Cut for Finishing when you feel. I want to give a little more gloss after applying the scratch cut main solution. The usage of Scratch cut main solution and Scratch cut for finishing is the same.

How to use

  • 1) - Please rinse off sand, dust, mud and dirt with strong water flow,

  • 2) - Wipe off any moisture and let it dry.

  • 3) - Take this solution on our Utility Sponge and polish it vertically and horizontally.

  • 4) - Use our Basic Cloth and wipe it lightly.

  • 5) - Please wash with a car shampoo such as our Body Clean.

  • 6) - Wipe off the remaining water to complete.

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