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Tar & pitch cleaner for painted surfaces only


PITCH CLEAN 80ml (Use quantity : 25ml/car)

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Origin Japan
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Feature and benefits

Just wash off by water because the product dissolves tar and pitch, so no scratches will be on surfaces.




Pitch Clean provides the totally new and different approach to remove tar and pitch.

A traditional way to remove tar and pitch was that using clay or towels and rub off tar and pitch. In this way you are scratching surfaces resulting in making scratches on the surfaces.

Pitch Clean dissolves tar and pitch to be removed. After you apply the liquid, all you need to do is to wash off the areas by water so that no rubbing is required hence never cause scratches.

Why so easy to use? Why so clean it makes?

Dissolve and clean up tar and pitch with Emulsification Technology.




Pitch and tar are a type of oil that are stuck and hardened on surfaces. Since they are oil based, they cannot be removed by normal car washing processes. Pitch Clean is produced to wash away them with running water.

When Pitch Clean is applied, it will start infiltrating into tar and pitch stuck on surfaces and dissolving them. Furthermore, Pitch Clean has the characteristics that when it contacts with water, it will be emulsified and can be washed off by running water, thus, if you apply the product before washing, tar and pitch being dissolved are washed away with normal car washing processes.

Anyone can easily remove the stuck tar and pitch if you read the usage instructions carefully before using.


Pitch Clean is specifically made to remove tar and pitch. It is not suitable for a removal of irons and paint mists. Please take a look at your car carefully to understand what kind of issues you have first before a purchase:

To remove irons: Please use our "IRON CUT"

To remove irons and paint mists: Please use our "CLEAN CLAY"

How to use

  • 1) -Rinse with strong water flow to clean dust, sand, mud and dirt.

  • 2) -Wipe off any moisture and let it dry.

  • 3) - Soak our basic cloth with this solution.

  • 4) -Apply it to the area with tar and pitch attached. Wait a while.

  • 5) - When melted, rub softly the tar and the pitch. Rinse with plenty of water before dry.

  • 6) -Will be completed after wiping off the remaining moisture.

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