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Anti-foggy coating for inside surface of car windows spray type


VIEW CLEAR 18L (Use quantity : 5ml/car)

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Origin Japan
List Price 53,740 Yen
No of Use 3,600
Cost per car 15 Yen


Features and Benefits

This product is specifically made for car windows. Anti-fog coating for inside glass.



This product is made to use inside your car to stop glass fog. We have had many requests to develop a new anti-fog product.


Due to the temperature difference of in and outside of car, we get glass fog even when we are using air-conditioning. It is often worse for certain types of cars.


The fog prevents drivers to look through the windows and it can be very dangerous. We have developed View Clear specifically to be used in cars-closed environment from outside. If you were not satisfied with other product, please try this out.

Example of using VIEW CLEAR

We have tested the product by using steamer in a car.



We have used steamer in a car to create fog on purpose. We have used View Clear in the center of the window to see the difference.

You can see the difference straightaway.



・This product will assist air-conditioning to remove fog.

・It should last more than one month with one application.

・If you wipe by water, it will be removed. It will be removed by our View Clear too.

・If your car has extreme fog with condensation, the water may remove the coating.

・We recommend using air-conditioning as much as you can.

・When applying the View Clear again, we recommend using our Glass Clean to clean the surface first then apply View Clear again.


How to use

  • 1) If there is dirt, please removed it in advance.

  • 2) Spraying View Clear on the inside glass surface at a distance of 20cm-30cm from the surface.

  • 3) Please spread evenly on the entire glass surface with our coating sponge.

  • 4) Wipe well with our basic cloth so that unevenness does not remain before it is completely dried.

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