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1-month durability, tire wax for long term use with high water-repellent performance oil-based spray type


OLEAGINOUS TIRE WAX 16L (Use quantity : 40ml/car)

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Origin Japan
List Price 50,916 Yen
No of Use 400
Cost per car 127 Yen


Features of oil-based tire wax



This product oil-based tire wax is a tire wax developed to achieve both gloss and durability.

Contains an alcohol component that allows for quick volatilization, which helps prevent accidents where tire wax splatters onto the body after being applied.

In terms of usage, the product is not sticky, spreads well, and is very easy to apply. It is a product with excellent cost performance as it can be installed in small quantities.

If you are a car owner who wants to try using a professional tire wax, this is one product you should definitely try.



Various types of tire wax available at our store depending on the purpose

How to use

  • 1) Wash off dust, sand, mud, etc. with a strong stream of water.

  • 2) Wipe and let dry.

  • 3) Spray it directly on the tires, or soak the sponge with this liquid and apply.

  • 4) Observe any missing spots and wipe any excessive layers, and the work is complete.

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