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Unpainted plastic parts high concentrated cleaner for bumper & trim


RUBBING STRIPS CLEAN 50ml (Use quantity : 5ml/car)

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Origin Japan
List Price 416 Yen
No of Use 10
Cost per car 42 Yen


Features and Benefits

Remove the wax and clean the dirt stick on the bumper and door strips.


This product has been developed especially for unpainted plastic materials.


Wax and dirt stuck on unpainted plastic parts are difficult to remove with normal washing shampoo.

Even when they are hard to remove, you cannot use strong solvents such as paint thinner. It will damage the plastic materials.


Therefore, try to apply our "RUBBING STRIPS CLEAN". This product is a cleaning set developed exclusively for unpainted plastic material, it can be used to scrape out and clean dirt that has stuck on the surface of plastic parts.


It's easy to use, just add the liquid to a special cleaning sponge and brush gently.

Of course, an instruction manual with photos is also available so that everyone can follow instructions to apply it without hesitation.

Even if it is your first time using it, you should be able to apply it with confidence.


In one bottle will be enough to clean all door strips for 8 cars.


If you have previously used other products and are not satisfied, you should find this product very effective and efficient.

  • The wax stain is stuck on the surface.

  • After application. The Wax stain is completely gone.

Excellent cleaner! Why it can be cleaned so easily?

Compatible with the molding! with this newly developed special sponge-type brush for this cleaner to work even more effectively.


RUBBING STRIPS CLEAN is a bumper/molding cleaning system developed without relying on the cleaning power of detergents.

With the effect of the special neutral detergent RUBBING STRIPS CLEAN and the special sponge type brush CLEAN BRUSH, there is no doubt you will notice "It's gone ! It's clean!" and washing the car will be so much fun.

Moreover, this product is a product specially developed and realized based on the know-how of the industry's largest professional detailing shop. We are proud that it is clearly different from the ones on the market.

"Ultra-fine fibers" and "BRISTLES" scrape out dirt and remove it!


- This product is only for unpainted materials such as strips and bumpers with harsh surfaces.

- It should not be used for door visors and headlights (clear materials).

- We recommend our PLASTIC POLISH for door visors and headlights.


  • 1) Wash clean any dust, sand, mud, and dirt, rinse with a strong water pressure.

  • 2) While the surface is still wet, use to apply this solution with our clean brush and scrub to remove the stain/dirt.

  • 3) After the stain is removed, rinse with plenty of water before it dries.

  • 4) Wipe off the remaining water and it's done.

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