CUBEO black

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Cube type deodorizer


CUBEO black
A guideline is about 2 tatami mats.
Car (passenger car)… 1 piece
Closet ... 1 piece
Geta box ... 1 piece
Entrance ... 1 piece
Refrigerate ... 1 piece
Room (6 tatami mats) ... 3 pieces

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Origin Japan
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Cost per car 3,537 Yen



For your entrance, shoe box, closet, washroom, inside your car, constantly deodorant and dehumidify. wherever you want to.


CUBEO, the hyper-cube that delivers odor eliminating effect.

Shoes, cars, smoking, pet, sweat… From TitaCeran, which eliminates any and all smell, a convenient and cute cube type is born.

A collaboration of the latest nano-technology and traditional ceramic technology.

Each Carefully Handmade by a Seasoned Craftsperson


Cubeo, the ceramic Deodorizer, is a creation by collaboration of the latest multifunctional of photocatalysis technology and traditional Japanese porous ceramics. Each Cubeo is carefully handmade by seasoned craftsperson at a ceramic workshop.



Effect 1 : Deodorize

Cubeo Absorbs and Dissolves Floating Bacteria and Oder


Multifunctional photo catalyst Tita Ceran, born from the the latest nano-technology, is applied on Cubeo's surface, absorbing and dissolving any bacteria and odor floating in its surround.



About TitaCeran


TitaCeran applied on the surface of Cubeo is developed by photocatalysis technology and utilizes titanium oxide as the catalyst to dissolve stinky molecules.

It turns germs and other causes of bad odor to harmless CO2 and water with it s strong oxidative decomposition capabilities. By dissolving the cause of bad odor, it provides long term effects such as anti-virus, anti-bacterial, mold proof, contamination prevention, group infection prevention.

Just place Cubeo as an interior display at the entrance, washroom, in the refrigerator, anywhere you have concern for odor and it will turn the stinkiness , germs, virus, etc. to harmless CO2 and water with oxidative decomposition from photocatalyst action.



Deodorant products in general minimizes bad smell by covering it with different smell. Cubeo fundamentally dissolves and eliminates stinky molecules. Photocatalysts remain effective semi-permanently as itself doea not change after oxidative decomposition of stinky molecules and germs, etc.


What is Catalystic Oxidative Decomposition


A familiar example is the chlorophyll in plant leaves. There is no chemistry between CO2 and water by just shining light on them. Chlorophyll as the catalyst procvides the chemistry and therefore creating oxygen and starch from CO2 and water. A catalyst by decomposing something using the energy of light to create another object is called photocatalyst.


Effect 2 : Dehumidify

Automatically adjusts to comfortable humidity.


One Cubeo dehumidifies an area of approx. 6.5m2. The secret is what's inside Cubeo.



Cubeo has porous ceramic inside. Porous ceramic is a material used in traditional Japanese walls to create a comfortable environment by consuming surrounding humidity.



The porous ceramic has nano-sized holes to consume humidity and adjusting it to the comfort level of humans. (nano meter = 1/,000000 of 1mm)

Effect 3 : Humidify

On the other hand, when condition is dry, it releases the humidity consumed before to humidify. Great effect as the outer shell uses clay that passes through moisture.


Effect 4 : Sick house syndrome

Have You Experienced Irritating Eyes or Coughing Inside Your House? They could be caused by toxic substance like formaldehyde of the building materials or furniture. If you leave them as it is, it could become the cause of atopy, etc. Until now, ventilation was the only way for prevention. Cubeo is effective for "Sick House Syndrome" as it has the ability to consume toxic substances like formaldehyde, etc.

Photocatalyst in the dark was said to be difficult, however, by combining Tita Ceran from multifunctional photo catalytic technology, traditional Japanese ceramics and porous ceramics, the effect is now proven in dark places like inside a refrigerator.




Effect 5 : Keep freshness asleep

Keeping Freshness of Vegetables "Asleep"


In recent years, need for a larger and longer fresh keeping refrigerator is growing higher. Also, the price of refrigerators have risen considerably. Many of these hi-end refrigerators use photocatalysis.



Test Conducted Over 5 Weeks Proves CUBEO's Ability of "Keeping Freshness"!


By just placing Cubeo in your refrigerator, it removes ethylene gas, which cause the deterioration of fruits and vegetables, keeping freshness and flavor longer.



You can see that the vegetable without Cubeo has grown too big without Cubeo. It is proof of deterioration progressing and loosing flavor. With Cubeo, deterioration is very slow and even after 5 weeks, it is hard to tell the difference from 5 weeks ago. It has been proven that Cubeo has ability to keep freshness asleep for longer lasting freshness.


Its Effect Proven Also by Ethelyne Gas Removal Test.



How to use

Unlike any other common Deodorizer.



Absorption effect from Japanese ceramics and porous ceramics, it consumes stinky molecules and toxic substance even in darkess. In order for the stinky molecules, germs and toxic substance to oxidatively decompose completely, keep Cubeo under sunlight once a week and it will last semi-permanently. Same when using for refrigerators, keep under sunlight once a for Cubeo to perform up to its fullest.

Here is how to use. Just place Cubeo to where you have concern of smell.

No on will notice it is a Deodorizer.







1 Cubeo / area of approx. 6.5m2
・ Vehicle… 1pc.
・ Closet … 1pc.
・ Shoes box … 1pc.
・ Entrance … 1pc.
・ refrigerator … 1pc.
・ Room … Approx. 3pcs


1/5 of the cost compared to a normal Deodorizer.


A normal Deodorizer cost JPY500 and lasts about 3months. Cubeo is JPY3,800 and lasts semi-permanently, much more economical.



Try CUBEO now! It’s a ceramic that protects your health through photocatalyst, dissolving oder and dehumidifying just by placing it as an interior display.

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