Syncshield INSTALLATION GEL (high concentrated) 400ml

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Installation chemical for Paint Protection Film


Syncshield INSTALLATION GEL (high concentrated) 400ml (Use quantity : 50ml/car)

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Origin Japan
List Price 5,750 Yen
No of Use 8
Cost per car 719 Yen


Concentrated type and economical

This product is a installation liquid for pasting paint protection film.

It is an ultra-concentrated type, and it is very economical because this product can be diluted with about 1 L of water for 1 to 3 pushes.



Does not adversely affect the adhesive layer

The installation liquid is indispensable for pasting protection films and window films. However, not all detergents are acceptable.

There are also detergents that contain ingredients that adversely affect the adhesive layer that makes up the film. If you work with such a detergent, the film may peel off or the adhesive layer may dissolve. In some cases, such problems may occur several years after construction.


Therefore, when pasting a protection film or window film, it is important to perform a compatibility test and use a sticking installation liquid that ensures safety.

This product Syncshield INSTALLATION GEL is a sticking construction liquid developed for pasting our protection film Syncshield. It can be used not only for Syncshield but also for pasting a wide range of film products.




How to use

  • 1) Put 1 to 3 pushes of this product in a 1L spray bottle.

  • 2) Be careful of foaming and pour water into the spray bottle.

  • 3) Shake well and mix.

  • 4) After pasting, wash off the residual components of the construction liquid remaining on the edge of the film with water before pasting.