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Polishing compound for painted surface all range use


SCRATCH CUT (3) 4L (Use quantity : 15ml/car)

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Origin Japan
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No of Use 267
Cost per car 149 Yen


Feature and benefits

Restore to the original best condition by removing dullness and minor scratches caused by dirty wiping cloth or auto car wash brush


The surface of the car body loses its gloss gradually and turns dull. Most of the time caused by excessive wiping of cloth during car washing. The swirl mark and small scratches will create dullness and a watermark easily be created on the painted surface.

Our SCRATCH CUT is a professional series of abrasive-grade compounds that are used by professional detailing workshops and car auto care supply stores. It removes car scratches, and paint fading/dullness can be applied using a polishing machine but also manual hand polishing.



Trusted by professional car wash suppliers and auto detailer enthusiasts

Non-silicon type for reliable polishing


SCRATCH CUT is a compound that has been used by professional detailers and car wash supply shops. The biggest difference from other regular compound products is that it is a non-silicon type.

Often compound products that contain silicone, not only will be difficult to remove dullness and scratches during polishing, but the product will also interfere with the polishing process itself.

Therefore, if you expect to improve your polishing work to remove dullness and scratches, Then you will need a non-silicon-type compound like SCRATCH CUT.



The final outcome may vary based on the state of the paint, such as watermarks or severe scratches that may not be fully removed, The Application technique manual or machine polishing can also affect the results.



Discover the top-quality products for your car

Our expert knows what chemical suits your car, we match the best formula to your vehicle type and condition. Enjoy optimal performance for your car.


There are many different types and colors of car paint depending on the manufacturer and model year. At the SENSHA brand detailing shop, we have about 6 to 8 types of compounds. The reason is that it is essential to have a product that is compatible and matches with any car year model or any paint type of your vehicle.

Customers who use the products also need a compound that is suitable for their own vehicle. This is an important point that also leads to work safety. Using too much force when polishing using an incompatible compound may lead to a failed application that may cause defective results or might even an accident.



Can be applied to various vehicle types

Compatible with most motorcycle models



Classic cars will also regain their shine



How to use

  • 1) Please rinse off sand, dust, mud and dirt with strong water flow,

  • 2) Wipe off any moisture and let it dry.

  • 3) Drip this solution on Utility Sponge and polish it gently vertically and horizontally.

  • 4) Use Basic Cloth and wipe it lightly.

  • 5) When done, wash again with our PH Neutral BODY CLEAN car shampoo.

  • 6) Wipe off any remaining water and your work is done.

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