PLASTIC POLISH A+B Boxed + accessories

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Polishing compound for plastic parts such as headlamp or side visor


PLASTIC POLISH A 80ml+ B 50ml Boxed + accessories (Use quantity : 8ml/car)

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Origin Japan
List Price 4,288 Yen
No of Use 10
Cost per car 429 Yen


Story behind the development of the product

Many requests from our customers.


Dullness and scratches of door visors and covers of tail lights and headlights are especially stood out, and they make the impression of a car look old and not attractive. Although those parts are very visible and influences the image of a car, there were very few products to take care of them to maintain conditions due to their material characteristics

We have received many requests from our customers that have condition problems of plastic parts used for a car.


Consequently, we began R&D. We have researched and re-reviewed compounds and select the ingredients suitable only for polishing plastic with the significant number of testings

If your have problems such as dullness and scratches of plastic car parts, Plastic Polish will satisfy your requirements.




Feature and benefits

Newly developed exclusively for plastic products!


Plastic Polish is specifically specialized in polishing plastic car parts. Compounds for car body cannot polish plastic parts because materials are totally different and they have the different surface conditions and finishing. Likewise, glass compounds could cause scratches on surfaces of plastic parts.

This compound for plastic products Plastic Polish is our original compound newly developed for the purpose of improving the surface condition of plastic products by reviewing the raw materials.


If you read how to use it carefully, you will be able to improve the stains and stains on the plastic parts that you have been worried about.




Why can remove so well?

Two types of solvents are available


For Plastic Polish that we are introducing this time, we have prepared two types of solvents according to the degree of stains and scratches.

The condition of plastic parts also varies depending on the material and parking environment.


Regarding solvents, there are [Liquid A] for removing stains and scratches and [Liquid B] for final finishing.

In most cases, it can improve the current condition, from minor scratches to some advanced stains and blemishes.






The product is a compound not a coating product. If you polish well, conditions will improve more.


It is specially made for plastic visors and covers of tail lights and headlights. Please do not use the product on rough surfaces like bumpers.

For wide range of application

Can be used on motorbike shields.

Motorbike shields are made of similar materials as car door visors. Scratches, dullness and stains are improved by polishing well with Plastic Polish.

If you leave this type of dullness without maintenance, the condition will likely get worse. This could cause an accident due to the lack of visibility.

An application is the same as for a car. You may wish to remove the shield from a motorcycle body for an application.



How to use

  • 1) Rinse dust, sand, mud and dirt with a strong stream of water.

  • 2) Clean well with a car shampoo such as our body clean.

  • 3) Wipe off the water and let it dry.

  • 4) Take Liquid A in our utility sponge half and polish it vertically and horizontally.

  • 5) If the situation does not improve, take this solution into our felt sponge and polish it again.

  • 6) When the situation improves, take liquid B into our utility sponge half, which is different from the sponge used in 4, and polish it until it becomes glossy.

  • 7) Door visors, etc. may have stains on the inside, so please polish the inside as well.

  • 8) Finally, wash with a car shampoo such as our body clean and wipe off the remaining water with our basic cloth to complete.

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