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6-month durability, Fluorine-based excellent water repellent coating for car windows


WINDOW CRYSTAL 4L (Use quantity : 10ml/windscreen)

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Origin Japan
List Price 33,543 Yen
No of Use 400
Cost per car 84 Yen


Features and Benefits

Used by professionals! Water repellent coating liquid.



This is a water repellent product for glasses. It is fluorine based, not silicon based products sold in many shops.

The silicon based products often leave oily deposits and grime that look like oil film after it loses the effectiveness.

Window Crystal will not make such as oil film.

If you were not satisfied with other products in the past, please try this out. You will know the difference.

Why fluorine based coating agent so good?

The product is fluorine based and will not get oxidation!



Most of the window coatings sold in the market is silicon based.The silicon based products will have oxidation.

The oxidation will case oil film on the windows.The condition may get worse than before application.

If you keep applying silicon based coatings, it may leave permanent mark on the windows (it may look like scales or circles)



Window Crystal has been developed as non-oxidation, pure fluorine based glass coating product.

You can trust this product.

Surprising durability!

The water repellent effect lasts more than 6 months when parked outdoors!



It is a water repellent product for windows without oxidation.
Because of the fluorine ingredient, it should last more than 6 months outdoors and more than 12 months when you parked inside. Rain drops go away from windshield! It makes your driving easier in the rain!



If you have been using other coating products and need to remove oil marks, we suggest using our Oily Film Clean.

Window Crystal should not be used to remove oil. If you need to remove oil marks, we suggest using our Oily Film Clean.

How to use

  • 1) Wipe off dust and mud thoroughly and wash.

  • 2) Soak this solution in our felt sponge (for window crystal application) and apply it to the glass surface in a dry wiped state.

  • 3) Please wait for 10 to 15 minutes to dry the chemical and wipe off the chemical with tissues.

  • 4) To finish, moisten our basic cloth and wipe it with water to complete.

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