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1-year durability, nano ceramic coating agent for wheel


WHEEL CRYSTAL 30ml (Use quantity : 12ml/car)

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Origin Japan
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No of Use 3
Cost per car 567 Yen


Feature & Benefits

Ultra-high hardness wheel coating agent


This product is a coating agent exclusively for wheels that form an ultra-high hardness coating layer. The best feature of this product is that it can maintain its effects & offers long-lasting benefits with a single application.


It was created using a unique formula that contains silane compounds to provide strong protection layers for your car's wheels. The coating layer will protect and keep your wheels shiny and smooth, as it can prevent both dirt and scratches from ruining the wheel surface.


Can be applied to various wheels

Can be used on wheels with plated or polished finish


It can be applied not only for regular aluminum wheels, but also for various types of wheels such as plating, sputtering, color painting, and polishing. Furthermore, It's simple, apply this liquid and wipe it off with a cloth without further waiting. Easy to use, even for first-time installers.


Long Lasting Durability!

Enhances long-lasting coating effectiveness even under harsh heat conditions and dirt


This product boasts superior heat resistance and preserves its coating performance even at around 1000℃. Remains effective for a long duration despite challenging conditions such as wheel heat and brake dust.


The coating will also make the wheel easier to clean, saving you time and effort

Additionally, this product can be used not only on the front surface of the wheel but also on the back surface.




Even if you close the lid and store it after opening, the curing process will continue gradually. The remaining solvent may become solid after several months and may not be able to be re-used for the next installation.

After Care Routine Maintenance

We also offer a range of maintenance products for your coated surfaces.


All range maintenance after coating products are also available. We also conduct compatibility tests between products to ensure their reliability, so you can use them with confidence.


How to use

  • 1) Clean & wash off dust, sand, mud, etc. with a strong stream of water.

  • 2) Clean thoroughly the tires using our WHEEL & TIRE CLEAN product to ensure that no dirt remains.

  • 3) Wipe the surface thoroughly to dry so that no moisture remains.

  • 4) Wrap the coating cloth around the coating sponge and soak the liquid evenly. Drips the liquid as thinly as possible to avoid dripping.

  • 5) Don't wait too long before the liquid hardens, please wipe it completely with a clean uncontaminated dry basic cloth.

  • 6) Observe in detail to make sure that there is no residue left after wiping.

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