TIRE CRYSTAL 240g Boxed + accessories

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3-month durability, moisturizing & protecting coating agent for tire or rubber material


TIRE CRYSTAL 240g Boxed + accessories (Use quantity : 4g/car)

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Origin Japan
List Price 5,736 Yen
No of Use 60
Cost per car 96 Yen


Features and Benefits

New development! Coating chemical made specifically for tires.



Tire wax has been an important chemical that greatly affects the visual appearance of the car, but several decades have passed without any breakthrough new products.

Furthermore, due to the advanced development of tires in recent years, we have been hearing a lot of common issues with tire wax which can leave permanent stains if it splashes while driving.


To solve these problems, we have developed TIRE CRYSTAL, a new coating specifically designed for tires and rubber materials.

Developed a new formula that enhances the conventional tire wax raw materials into a completely new upgraded type of tire coating agent.

Comparison to tire wax

Contains special high-density polymer resin



Unlike conventional tire waxes, this product, TIRE CRYSTAL, does not contain solvents or surfactants that have a negative effect on tires.

To withstand the harsh environment of tires, we form a strong and flexible protective film based on a special high-density polymer resin. Furthermore, it has improved water and oil repellency, antifouling performance, and durability, and restores the gloss of a new tire.

Also, this agent is in solid form, which is a big difference from conventional tire wax. Since it is in solid form, you can use it with confidence without worrying about it shattering.


Main Features and Effects

・Glossiness: a special high-density polymer resin blend restores the glossy look of the original black color like a new tire.

・Durability: The effect lasts for 60 to 90 days after one application.

・Safety: Since it is in solid form, there will be no splashing on the painted surface. Additionally, it does not contain surfactants or solvents that can accelerate tire deterioration.

Random Facts About Tire

Stains on the car body surface caused by the splash of tire wax


Many of the tire waxes on the market contain large amounts of surfactants, with the purpose of increasing gloss performance. When such products are applied to tires, the antioxidants contained in the tire rubber dissolve and form a special compound. This compound has extremely strong penetrating power, so if there is a mistake in applying it, such as applying too much, it will scatter onto the painted surface, causing strong stains that cannot be repaired. This stain is very noticeable when it occurs on a clean car body, so it is often seen at new car dealers and coating specialty shops.


Can be applied to any variety of rubber materials

Enhance the gloss on rubber moldings on window frames.



As the rubber molding used in window frames deteriorates over time, the surface will easily look white.

It is very effective to use this TIRE CRYSTAL product for rubber moldings like this. It coats and glosses the rubber molding at the same time without having any negative effects on it.

How To Use

  • 1) Wash off dust, sand, mud, etc. with a strong stream of water.

  • 2) Take an appropriate amount of this agent on the sponge. The recommended usage amount is 1g per tire.

  • 3) Please spread it evenly so that there is no uncoated area.

  • 4) Check if there is no over-coated, and then complete.

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