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1-month durability, tire wax for long term use with high water-repellent performance oil-based spray type


OLEAGINOUS TIRE WAX 4L (Use quantity : 40ml/car)

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Origin Japan
List Price 16,293 Yen
No of Use 100
Cost per car 163 Yen


Features and Benefits

Used in tire specialty stores and pro shops!



This tire wax product is used in tire professional shops. Depending on the purpose or preferences, we have three kinds of wax. We recommend this product if you wish to experience professional tire wax.

Oil-based tire wax


This product has alcohol as solvent. After application alcohol ingredient volatilizes soon. So the coating is hard scattering. The effective ingredient provides long lasting water-repellent.


The finishing depends on deterioration of the tire.


  • 1) Rinse off dirt or sand, mud and dirt and with a strong water flow.

  • 2) Wipe and dry.

  • 3) Spray directly on the tires, or soak this solution in our Utility Sponge and apply.

  • 4) Check that there is no over coat, and the process is complete.

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