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Moisturizing agent for leather material


LEATHER TREATMENT 18L (Use quantity : 4ml/car)

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Origin Japan
List Price 354,528 Yen
No of Use 4,500
Cost per car 79 Yen


Features and Benefits

Protect leather products from aging


This product is dedicated to protection of leather product with moisturizing agent that are actually used at professional car care shops or car dealers. Was developed with the goal of protecting leather products from aging and maintaining the original texture of the leather for a long period of time. Leather products for automobiles are exposed every day to harsh environments, such as and dry rubbing and temperature difference in particular. The peeling of the skin or & cracking will appear very quickly if you allow to stand without maintenance. By using Leather Treatment for regular maintenance, you can also protect against aging, such as cracking the seat of car and get a natural luster.

Usable at ease. For safety driving.

Application of the traditional leather wax, also might be the difficulty of driving!


In order to give the gloss of leather material, conventional wax was used. The benefits of wax rubbing is in the goodness of its luster and texture. If you put it on car seat, big problem could occur. That is, too much slip! Because when the brakes are applied, the driver would slip on the seat surface and make the trouble of operation. If you have put the brakes unavoidably, when sitting in the front seat, you will have a risk of collision to front glass or the handle. Therefore, in particular, coating a leather wax on the driver's sheet should not really be recommended. Leather Treatment is ,unlike a typical leather wax, you may have few slip. You can use on the seat leather surface at ease.

Why so clean! Why so easy to use!

Wax in general eats the dirt? !


General leather wax capture the dirt easily. The surface of the seat of the car easily gets dirt because of rubbing when sitting in dirty cloths. The dirty it is easy to move to the rubbed wax. From this point leather wax coating on the seat would not be recommended. On the contrary, Leather Treatment is a product that aims to make the leather moisturizer by penetrating into the material and to reduce the aging. The remaining surplus on the surface is very few, so the finish was smooth and dirt is likely to be adsorbed. For making longer duration of the good condition and preventing the progression of the cracks. Please use as daily care of your car.

Introducing Usages


LEATHER TREATMENT can be used mainly for the following purposes

  • - Leather seat surface
  • - The surface of the leather dashboard
  • - Material such as leather interior portion of door
  • - Other parts of the leather surface


This product is a dedicated leather moisturizer. Please avoid to the use for other materials. Do not apply to the brake pedal ,accelerator and the holding portion of handle. Because it may be detrimental to the operation. Please use our Room Wax for glazing of synthetic leather and plastic products.


  • 1) If there is dirt, please removed in advance.

  • 2) Soak this solution into our Utility Sponge Half.

  • 3) Please coat gently into place without much power.

  • 4) Wipe dry with a clean cloth to complete.

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