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Air deodorant for car interior spray type


AIR FRESHER 20L (Use quantity : 32ml/car)

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Origin Japan
List Price 30,103 Yen
No of Use 625
Cost per car 48 Yen


Feature and benefits

To ensure a clean and comfortable living environment.


As you know, in order to maintain a clean and comfortable car environment, we need to clean the car regularly. The "Air Fresher" we provide this time is a special deodorant developed for automobiles to solve the problem of odor, which cannot be improved only by cleaning the inside of the vehicle.


Since the establishment of our construction department, there have been many requests from customers regarding the deodorization and sterilization of cars, and we have been exploring every day whether there is better product. Depending on the season, the inside of the car, which is extremely hot and humid, and full of bacteria.


However, it was also a reality that none of the products that were normally sold could work in such an extremely unique environment.


Therefore, our construction department, with reference to the experience so far, has been able to provide a product for solving the bacteria-specific problems of sterilization and deodorization with the cooperation of chemical development institutions.

Can be used in a wide range of applications!

Can be used in environments where conventional products could not be apply.


This product "Air Fresher" can be very effective not only in automobiles but also in a wide range of environments from home to office.


Especially, Air Fresher it is possible to use it in the place where it is not exposed by light.


Therefore, it can be used in a much wider range of applications than conventional products and can be used in various living environments.


Immediately after construction, there is a little alcohol odor, but by ventilating while drying, the odor will disappear after a while.

Please avoid spraying a large amount on one place.

How to use

  • 1) If it is dirty, remove it beforehand.

  • 2) Spray this agent throughout the vehicle.

  • 3) If the amount applied is too large, wipe it off with a cloth.

  • 4) Ventilate and dry to finish.

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