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Cordless Polishing Machine


Main body ... 1 unit
Battery ... 1 piece
Charger ... 1 piece
Urethane buff fine (diameter 150 mm) ... 1 piece
Manual ... 1 book
Construction manual ... 1 sheet
Storage case ... 1 piece

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Example of use

First, we introduce a contraction case


First off all we would like to introduce the cases of the mirror finish by mechanical polishing, the cases witch have been difficult to restore by hand works, then we will introduce the features, the performance and the product detail later.

If you use "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER", you could get a dream-like finish like in the following construction cases. Please see first.

Construction [1]

  • Before construction, it had very much fine scratches and much dullness.

  • As you can see after the construction, except for a deep wound, the majority of scratches disappear to be improved.

The left photo is at the completion of the world. it is really beautiful now.

However, it might probably be a usual case that we would fine deep scratches even have remained

However, it might probably be a usual case that we would find deep scratches even after polishing with a polishing machine such as "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER"

Construction [2]

  • There were deep stains (water spot) on the entire body, the stains which soaking rain had made on the painted surface and caused rough condition on it. Also without any gloss reflection of landscape, we did not think that it looked beautiful.

  • After doing the polishing machine on the point surface, the stains had removed, clear reflection and gloss had come back.

As improving the stains on the entire body, the body color depth will be increasing and look very beautiful.

Compared to the previous state of before construction it makes much difference.

Construction [3]

  • Dullness and fine scratches overall are noticeable. We will polish with the "SCRATCH CUT" and a polisher (polishing machine)

  • Because ut was originally good. I was able easily to have good finish. You can see that fine small scratches and dullness have be improved as teh photo showing

Volvo old model.

Given from the model year, the condition of the body surface is relatively clean, but we admit small scratches and some fading of the paint.

We had decided that polishing work could be done and had done the polishing work.

Image before and after construction are as follows.

Construction [4]

  • Image here is the hood of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Before construction it was pretty rough on the surface.

  • However, after careful polishing wit "SCRATCH CUT" and a machine, it could take back the gloss like this! As you can see, the reflection is very beautiful.

Construction [5]

  • As you know, dark color car is very noticeable for fine scratches on the surface. As the BMW of this photo shows, you are able to see many scratches.

  • After construction, you could almost completely erase fine scratches and body condition is more beautiful than a new car.

Construction [6]

  • The diffusing reflection of light is caused by fine scratches. We can improve the cloudy condition of painted surface caused by scratches with mechanical polishing.

  • Please see it. Also we could remove fine scratches and make mirror like surface. By polishing with machines, we could allow you to get such the finish.

Feature and benefits

We will introduce the features of "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER"


"I want to get the finish like coating ship offering!" We get many mails every day that saying above. It is your dream, is it?

Of course, you can ask the construction to the pro shop on a regular basis, but it becomes very expensive from 50.000 yen to 100.000 yen per a construction. It is a big isuue.

Our original "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER" is a special polisher which can achieve a professional finish coating equivalent of the pro shop. The construction do not require the skilled technology, you can use it, even thought with no confidence with polishing.

Owners, I believe you have a "I want to clean more and more" is the world! We would like to recommend it if you want to make your car much more beautiful.


Can be used anywhere! Cordless and rechargeable


The biggest feature is cordless type! There was the types to take power from the cigarette lighter or cordless type. But the polishing power was so weak that you could not remove stains and scratches from painted surface.

On the contrary, powerful polisher, witch you must take the energy from power line, could not be used out side of house or out door.

The original " CORDLESS POWER POLISHER" is able to solve the problem described above. If it is possible to charge the battery at home, you can use anywhere such as a place you have no outlet of power line near there.


Very light weight. Anyone can use.


Ease of use when you start using, and it becomes an important point! The most important feature of daily use is, say the weight of the polisher.

Professional equipment, of witch the polishing power is so strong. The weight is too heavy for general owners to use properly and to have possible chance to make troubles.

As to "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER". We have succeeded in downsizing and weight reduction.

The body weight is 1.32kg, battery only 185g, very easy to handle. With knowing even the point of use, women and children could handle it.


The size of the buff becomes smaller! Can polish even a narrow space!


The buff size that are commonly used in professional polisher (see image right) is, large size 185mm and was difficult for general user not familiar with the construction to use it.

In the pro shop specializing in coatings, as the craftsmen are familiar with the construction and need to use a large buff to shorten the construction time.

However, a large buff, because it requires a large force to control the polisher, it could not be used for person who has less power of the hand or were not familiar with the construction.

In "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER" we have decided to use a smaller size of approximately 150mm. By using 150mm size the large force is not required during the construction and it becomes easier to polish fine narrow place.


Clean trunk as well! Into a dedicated storage case!


After car washing the car is beautiful but the trunk is full of many tools scattered! It is many cases, isn't it?

I think that there also be comes more and more goods. It becomes cause the trunk is messy.

Because "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER" has a dedicated a storage case, you could storage properly both when using and accommodating.

You can also avoid trouble of "equipment or parts were gone" to be used for long periods of time.

The helpful information of polisher

We introduce the necessary basic knowledge for choosing a polisher.


We would like to introduce about the type of rotation of the polisher. There are two types of rotation of the polisher, please check the advantages.


  • Of the single-action type. In general, many of the professional polisher have a rotational motion as shown in the figure above. On the other hand that we could obtain very high polishing power, the power suppressing the body is required, so the work will require the skilled experience. In addition, since the frictional force is applied to the surface, it is easy to hold the heat or to deform the body, so the surface of the bumper could melt.

  • Of the double-action type. The polishing force is inferior to a single action but can used safely. Therefore, skilled experience is not required. It is said that double-action type is in general less power at polishing and it is not suit dir the removal of stains and scratches, but if the equipment can generate a high torque, you can gain sufficient polishing strength.

Our original "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER" is the right type of double-action polisher.
By taking maximum advantage of the double action for anyone to be used to generate a high torque, it is a sufficient polishing product obtaining the power to polish painted surfaces.


Do you know the difference between the polisher and a waxer.
Please see the list. About main applications and capabilities.


Why well polish? The reason is.

A professional detailer advise it!
About the compatibility of the four elements of a compound, sponge buff, polisher and polishing work.


There are four important elements to polish painted surfaces.

1. The ability of polisher.

2. The type of the compound (abrasive).

3. The type of sponge buff.

4. The paint characteristics of each vehicle or of vehicle manufacture.

in order to perform the polishing work safety and reliably, the above four elements will be very important. If the combination of the four-element is bad, the construction could not exert sufficient polishing or it might lead to such accident as paint broken off because of strong polishing power.


For example, in the case of the combination of the following construction if you were without knowing it, what should happen?

1. Powerful polisher

2. High polishing-power compound

3. Coarse sponge buff

4. soft paint

The answer is the occurrence of a construction accident.
It would be easy to peel paint.

It is important to note that there is a possibility if the construction would remain unsure of the four elements described above, the accident would accur easily.
Though collecting the excellent products, there have been many construction accidents as a result.

Visitors to our shop would not have the worry.
"CORDLESS POWER POLISHER" the original compound "SCRATCH CUT" and the three types of sponge buff have been carried out to test all construction in our shop.

The story of the development

This cordless power polisher becomes the second generation model.
Although the first cordless power polisher had been very popular, but after a suvey to improve the product, we got a very large number of comments and we did a version up.

How to use

More easy to use and to prepare.

Here, we introduce a flow of the preparation and how to use.
We would like to explain how to best polish including the professional know-how.

  • 1) Change the battery by the dedicated charger.

  • 2) Attach the battery to the body.

  • 3) Attach a sponge buff to the pad.

  • 4) Put on the switch and polish.


Please wash and remove off the deposits before you do the polishing. There are various deposits, dust, sand and iron powder on the painted surface. If you polish without removing that, it might make scratches on the surface.


It mainly depends on the scratch condition and dullness, could be removed on the light condition of the scratches, strains and dullness. There is difficult case of improving tough stains or deep scratches and the dullness abandoned for years, even if they may seem mild. In some tough condition there might not be possible to remove dull or tough stains, please acknowledge this point. in addition, the diagnosis before the actual work would be difficult how well scratches and stains to be removed. There is no other way other than to check after actually doing the work.

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