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Cordless Polishing Machine


Main body ... 1 unit
Battery ... 1 piece
Charger ... 1 piece
Urethane buff fine (diameter 150 mm) ... 1 piece
Manual ... 1 book
Construction manual ... 1 sheet
Storage case ... 1 piece

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Origin Taiwan
List Price 33,818 Yen
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Cost per car 33,818 Yen


Example of Application


Get pro-shop quality results using our Polisher


We often receive inquiries like,"With this polisher, I can achieve a professional shine on my car by myself just like done by a pro-coating shop."

This cordless power polisher is a remarkable polisher that achieves the same finish as a coating professional shop.

You will definitely be able to restore your car's original shine with ease!


Cordless & rechargeable that can be used anywhere


The biggest advantage is it's cordless type!

Simply by charging the battery at home, you can use it even in outdoor car washing at parking lots where there is no power source.


Super lightweight! Portable of handling


Conventional polishers are heavy and large, so it is required to be familiar with the construction techniques before using them.

Our cordless power polisher has a very lightweight design of 1.32 kg (including 185 g of battery) and is easy to handle, Housewives and kids can easily use it.


We also paid special attention to the handle part. The design makes it easy to hold even for people with small hands, and makes it easy to control the polisher during application.


From the headlight to the glass surface


It can be used not only on the body (painted) surface.

It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from headlights with yellowing or dullness to glass surfaces to remove sticky oily marks.


Keep things neat and tidy with its storecase


This product comes with its own storage case. You can store everything from batteries to chargers all at once.

This should also prevent the trouble of "I realized I was out of supplies." This is a set that you can use with confidence for a long time.


Tips On Choosing A Good Polisher


Difference in rotation method

Here we will introduce the types of polisher rotation.

In General, there are two types of polisher rotation. We will introduce its advantages and disadvantages.



Difference between polisher and waxer

Please take a look at the list of main uses and capabilities.

While regular polishers have strong polishing power, they require advanced construction techniques to use.

While products in the traditional waxer category are easy to apply, many of them are unsuitable for polishing, and their ability to improve scratches and dullness has been limited.

Our cordless power polisher is a product that combines ease of handling and polishing power.



Extensive construction experience and reliable support system


We believe that there are four important elements to safely and reliably polish your car.

1. 1. Polisher capabilities

2. Types of compounds (abrasives)

3. Types of sponge buffs

4. Characteristics of painting by car manufacturer and car model


We are confident that we can provide these four important elements.

In addition to the performance of this cordless power polisher, our original polishing agent, SCRATCH CUT, checks the customer's car model and body color and then provides the product that fits the optimal formulation for the customer.

We also offer 4 types of sponge buffs. We can guide you to the most suitable sponge buff according to the scratch or car surface condition.


Furthermore, based on our extensive experience in construction, if you contact us with photos of the condition of the body surface, our expert staff will be able to provide you with construction know-how such as polishing methods.

Development Insights


This is the second generation model of the cordless power polisher that we are currently offering.

The first model was well received, but we conducted a survey mainly among our email newsletter members to improve ease of use and performance.

We have decided to make a model change after receiving a lot of feedback.



Considering Model Improvement Change

After receiving a response that exceeded our expectations, we held an improvement review meeting with our manufacturing plant in Taiwan.



The prototype is completed and tested by the Product Tester.

Once the prototype is completed, monitor the results and performance.


To date

"I am the owner of a model cordless polisher."

"I am so lucky enough to have the opportunity to monitor and test the new polisher that has undergone a model change".

"I would like to report on my impressions as a general user".


"If it's a "model change" or "new model", it's natural that performance will be improved".


The appearance has changed significantly and is now lighter.



The excitement switched ON



Production begins

After repeated prototyping and testing, the final test has been completed!

Production has finally begun!



How to use



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