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Construction liquid for bicycle paint protection film


Syncshield CONSTRUCTION LIQUID 800ml (Use quantity : 20ml/bike)

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Origin Japan
List Price 2,142 Yen
No of Use 40
Cost per car 54 Yen


Dedicated construction liquid for attaching protection film

This product is a special construction liquid developed for the work of attaching the paint protection film Syncshield. If you do not use this product and use a commercially available neutral detergent, the surfactants contained in it will vary. By any chances if the adhesive layer is adversely affected, it is maybe the cause of the glue layer will melt. For the work of attaching the Syncshield, please use a special construction liquid that has both compatibility and safety.



Also used in all SENSHA Bicycle shops - the bicycle washing specialist.

At each SENSHA Bicycle store, which specializes in bicycles and coatings nationwide, we apply protection films on a daily basis. The protection film used there is this product Syncshield. This Syncshield Construction liquid is also always be used during attaching process.






How to use

  • 1) Spray large amount of this mixed liquid on the place where our Syncshields attached and on the surface where the Syncshield is patched.

  • 2) Place Syncshield on the frame where it is attached, and carefully push out the water remaining in between the Syncshield layer and the frame try to eliminate any air bubbles on surface that will look not nice when it gets dry.