Syncshield B type

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Paint protection film for bicycle


Syncshield B type 350×420mm (2 sheet)

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Origin Japan
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Cost per car 5,000 Yen

Syncshield B type

About PPF

PPF (Paint Protection Film) has been installed mainly for the purpose of protecting the surface of automobiles, preventing discoloration, and preventing scratches.

This product Syncshield is a PPF (paint protection film) jointly developed by several Japanese film-related manufacturers and SENSHA as a new flagship product of the SENSHA brand. It is a very reliable product currently used in about 800 stores in 35 countries all over the world.





The material used for the Syncshield is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). This material has excellent weather resistance, elasticity and flexibility


Scratch Resistant Performance

The strong 150μm polyurethane film protects your bicycle from external damage such as scratches and rubbing.



Fading Prevention Performance

Not only the polyurethane film, but also the coating layer and adhesive layer have the ability to block UV rays and protect your bicycle from fading.


Self-healing Performance

Since the Syncshield has the function of self-healing the film itself, it is possible to almost prevent the occurrence of small scratches. If it is a slight scratch such as a slight rubbing, it will repair itself.


Antifouling performance

The coating layer applied to the surface of the polyurethane film has the effect of preventing the sticking of mud and dirt that adheres daily.


Water repellency

Syncshield has excellent water repellency. The result of water contact angle test was 110℃



It has been developed with a high degree of transparency so as not to spoil the color texture of the bicycle itself. Even after the aplication, you won't notice that the film is glued on.



Non-yellowing performance

The Syncshield uses a special urethane material that does not yellow. There is no obvious yellowing like general urethane materials.



It was developed to follow complicated cubic curved surfaces without difficulty. Achieves high workability.

Set contents and application location

The set contents of this product are [350mm x 420mm 1 sheet].

Feel free to use it in places where scratches are likely to occur, such as top tubes, down tubes, seat tubes, and front forks.






Also used in all SENSHA Bicycle shops the bicycle washing specialist.

At each SENSHA Bicycle store, which specializes in bicycles and coatings nationwide, we apply protection films on a daily basis. The protection film used there is this product Syncshield.

With the support of many customers, we have constructed many bicycles. Please give it a try!




How to use

  • 1) - The Syncshield has 3 layers . Peel off the protective cover sheet with the round sticker on it.

  • 2) - Clean the section where the Syncshields will be attached, thoroughly remove dirt and oil.

  • 3) - Cut the Syncshield according to the required size of part will be patched to. Since curved surfaces of pipes are prone to wrinkles, you can prevent wrinkles by cutting them into small pieces or making cuts.

  • 4) - Peel off the Syncshield from the mounted surface while spraying our dedicated Syncshield construction liquid.

  • 5) - Spray the special construction liquid on the construction part of the frame and place it so that the Syncshield can be placed on it.

  • 6) - Using Rubber Squeegee kits(hard / small), carefully push out the water remaining in the gap between the Syncshield and the frame so that no air bubbles remain. Adhesive strength is exhibited when water is removed. When doing this, wipe the surface of the Syncshield with the construction liquid to make the squeegee slippery and easier to work with. It is completed when water and air bubbles are eliminated.

※ When constructing, be sure to use the dedicated syncshield construction liquid. If you use a liquid other than the special construction liquid, we cannot guarantee the product.