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Lubricating oil for bicycle


BICYCLE LUBRICANT OIL 50ml (Use quantity : 2ml/bike)

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Origin Japan
List Price 906 Yen
No of Use 25
Cost per car 36 Yen


Lubricating oil for moving parts such as transmissions

This product BICYCLE LUBRICANT OIL is a special lubricant developed for use in moving parts such as transmissions and brakes. It smoothes the movement of moving parts of various mechanical devices such as transmissions and brakes, and promises a stress-free ride.



Achieves high permeability by providing water displacement

A high permeability lubricating oil with water displacement that can be used in wet areas. Lubrication work is possible even when some water remains, such as in the transmission after cleaning.

It also has a high rust preventive effect, which helps improve the durability of each part.





Featured selections at SENSHA Bicycle outlets and Bicycle Specialty Stores

SENSHA Bicycle is a highly reliable lubricating oil that is also used in the basic bike wash menu "Premium Bike Wash" at each bicycle washing and coating shop nationwide. One of the secrets of the light shifting feeling after a premium bike wash is the BICYCLE LUBRICANT OIL.







How to use

  • 1) Clean your bicycle with our BIKE CLEAN or our DRIVE CLEAN.

  • 2) Wipe off the water in the area you want to lubricate.

  • 3) Lubricate the required parts such as the sliding parts of the transmission with this liquid.

  • 4) Wipe off excess oil to prevent dirt from adhering.