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BICYCLE CHAIN OIL TUNGSTEN 4L (Use quantity : 3ml/bike)

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Origin Japan
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High Concentration Formula Of Nano Tungsten With A Fullerene

This bicycle chain oil, enhanced with nano tungsten in a fullerene structure, achieves unparalleled friction reduction through its sophisticated formulation.

Furthermore, extreme pressure additives are adsorbed to metal parts, minimizing the risk of chain breakage.

We are pleased to introduce this product as the new generation of chain lubricant advanced innovation.


This formula enhances the chain's parts longevity and reduces wear

Frequent riding your bicycle without chain lubrication can result in a sluggish, overstretched chain that falls short of its optimal performance.These performance deteriorations are directly linked to frictional resistance, leading to phenomena such as "heavy pedaling" and "abnormal noises."



Properly lubricating using this bicycle chain oil tungsten will effectively minimize wear on the chain and gears, ensuring sustained smooth performance.

At the same time, it enhances the durability of components while diminishing wear.



Refined and smooth pedaling feels

This is accomplished by optimizing the lubricant’s viscosity to ensure deep penetration into the intricate workings of the chain.


This seamless chain operation ensures optimal conversion of pedal input into propulsive power with zero energy loss.

As a result, you can ride the bike lightly which will reduce leg fatigue.




A single application of this lubricant can maintain optimal performance for distances exceeding 500 kilometers.

This Bicycle Chain Oil Tungsten is designed to ensure a steady and prolonged lubrication, avoiding the abrupt oil depletion common with traditional chain oils. Nanotungsten’s fullerene structure ensures low-friction and self-lubrication, enhancing the chain’s durability and efficiency, even with minimal oil.


Additionally, its superior water resistance ensures exceptional durability, outperforming standard chain oils, even when riding in rain or under wet conditions.



Featured selections at SENSHA Bicycle outlets and Bicycle Specialty Stores

This is a highly reliable chain oil that is also used in the basic washing menu "Premium Bike Wash" at SENSHA Bicycle, a washing and coating bicycle specialty shop nationwide. One of the secrets to the light & smooth pedaling feeling after a premium bike wash lies in this bicycle chain oil tungsten.






How to use

  • 1) Clean the chain to remove dirt beforehand.

  • 2) Carefully dry the chain with a cloth to eliminate any residual moisture.

  • 3) Apply 1 to 2 drops of this formula to each chain link for optimal lubrication.

  • 4) After applying chain oil tungsten, rotate the crank approximately 10 times, then gently dab the chain with a cloth to finish.