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Maintenance agent for bicycle painted surface


BICYCLE QUICK GLOW 4L (Use quantity : 3ml/bike)

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Origin Japan
List Price 43,706 Yen
No of Use 1,333
Cost per car 33 Yen


High-quality luster and touch with easy construction

This product BICYCLE QUICK GLOW is a protective gloss coating agent exclusively for painted surfaces that restores the fresh luster to the painted surface with simple construction. Just apply this liquid and wipe it off, and you should be able to experience not only shine but also a high-quality feel.




Water repellent performance is also a plus

The effect of this product BICYCLE QUICK GLOW is not limited to gloss and touch. It also demonstrates high water repellency. Riding on a rainy day may be fun!

Furthermore, after installing this product, it is possible to reduce the sticking of dirt. It will also save time consumption for daily cleaning work.



Featured selections at SENSHA Bicycle outlets and Bicycle Specialty Stores

SENSHA Bicycle is a highly reliable coating agent that is also used in the final process of the basic wash menu "Premium Bike Wash" at each SENSHA Bicycle bicycle washing and coating shop nationwide. It is one of the secrets of the finish of the premium bike wash.








How to use

  • 1) Rinse off dust, sand, mud and dirt with water.

  • 2) Clean with our BIKE CLEAN, so that dirt and deposits do not remain.

  • 3) Wipe well so that no water remains.

  • 4) Spread this liquid vertically and horizontally with basic cloth not missing any spot.

  • 5) Wipe dry with our basic cloth immediately.

  • 6) Carefully check that there are no leftovers and you are done.