LEATHER CLEAN for Bicycle 80ml Boxed + accessories

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Cleaning agent for bicycle leather part


LEATHER CLEAN for Bicycle 80ml Boxed + accessories (Use quantity : 5ml/bike)

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Origin Japan
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Cleaner for leather material

Although the leather material is delicate, it has been used for a long time for bicycles exposed to the outdoor environment because of its grace. Have you given up on removing dirt from such leather materials?

This product LEATHER CLEAN for Bicycle is a special cleaner that can remove dirt without damaging such leather material. By using the special sponge Clean Foam together, it effectively removes dirt from the leather.

It can be used for all kinds of leather products such as your favorite shoes, saddles, handle grips and fashionable touring bags.






Since it is neutral, it does not damage the material.

This product, LEATHER CLEAN for Bicycle, is material-friendly and neutral, It is therefore a product that everyone can use safely.

When used in combination with our leather moisturizer LEATHER TREATMENT for Bicycle, the texture peculiar to leather materials can be maintained for a long period of time.





Also used in all SENSHA Bicycle shops - the bicycle washing specialist.

Numerous customers visit SENSHA Bicycle, a bicycle wash and coating shop across the country, every day. Many of our customers own rare vintage motorcycles, and it is an indispensable product for the care of leather materials. Please give it a try!









How to use

  • 1) Soak the entire Clean Foam sponge with enough water and squeeze it lightly.

  • 2) Soak an appropriate amount of this solution in the clean foam.

  • 3) Rub the dirty part a light stroke.

  • 4) When the dirt comes out, wipe it with a clean Basic Cloth and let it dry & done.