SCRATCH CUT for Bicycle 50ml Boxed + accessories

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Bicycle painted surfaces dedicated polishing agent


SCRATCH CUT for Bicycle 50ml Boxed + accessories (Use quantity : 10ml/bike)

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SCRATCH CUT for Bicycle

Eliminates small scratches and dullness and restores the condition

Over the years, the surface of the bike frame will be scratched and scratched, and the gloss of the new bike will be lost. This product Scratch Cut for Bicycle is our original compound (abrasive) adjusted exclusively for bicycles. Careful polishing can safely improve the condition of the delicate frame surface. It can be used by either mechanical polishing or hand polishing.






A bike-specific compound specialising in polishing.

The biggest difference from commercially available abrasives is that they are non-silicon type. Many products, for business use, contain silicone so that they can be polished and glossed at the same time. Even if polishing is performed with an abrasive that contains silicon, the abrasive particles will slip on the silicon, and the polishing power cannot be exerted accurately.

Therefore, non-silicone type abrasives are essential to basically improve the state of the painted surface.

Furthermore, this Scratch Cut for Bicycle product is a special compound specially designed for bicycles. So this is a product everyone can use safely.






Also used in all SENSHA Bicycle shops the bicycle washing specialist.

SENSHA Bicycle, a bicycle car wash and coating shop nationwide, carries out coating work every day. In the coating work, it is indispensable to polish the frame surface to elimate scratches and stains before applying the coating agent.

This scratch cut for Bicycle is an indispensable product for the polishing work. It is a very reliable product. We hope you will give it a try.







How to use

  • 1) Rinse off dust, sand, mud and dirt with water.

  • 2) Wipe off the water and let it dry.

  • 3) Take this liquid on our utility sponge and polish each part (top tube, down tube, etc.) without applying a wide area at once. The solvent is now liquid and white when polishing begins. If you polish it, the liquid is going to dry up and disappear from the surface, so polish it carefully until it becomes such a state.

  • 4) Wipe dry with our basic cloth.

  • 5) Wash with our motorcycle clean, etc., and rinse thoroughly with a large amount of water.

  • 6) Wipe off the remaining water and you're done.