DRIVE CLEAN for Bicycle 250ml

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Bicycle drive-based cleaning agent


DRIVE CLEAN for Bicycle 250ml (Use quantity : 20ml/bike)

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DRIVE CLEAN for Bicycle

Dedicated cleaner that removes oil stains on chains and transmissions

This product DRIVE CLEAN is a special cleaner developed to remove oil stains on bicycle chains and transmissions.

Bicycle chains and derailleurs are sticky with oil and mud stains and difficult to remove with a common mild detergent. On the other hand, if you wash it with a strong alkaline detergent, there is a risk of damaging the surrounding frame and rubber, so it is not easy to use.

DRIVE CLEAN is a special cleaner that can strongly wash away oil stains on chains and transmissions without the risk of damaging various materials (parts) used in bicycles.




How cleaning works

By soak in the product DRIVE CLEAN to the drive part of the chain, transmission that is dirty because of oil stains and brushing it, the oil stains will get strongly decomposed. When the oil stains are sufficiently decomposed, wash them off with water to emulsify the oil stains together with DRIVE CLEAN and wash them off cleanly.

After cleaning the chain, which has accumulated oil stains, you can touch the chain with your hands directly, without your hands getting black and dirty




Also used in all SENSHA Bicycle shops - the bicycle washing specialist.

Many customers visit each Bicycle specialty bike wash and coating shops nationwide SENSHA Bicycle every day. Many customers wait until the bicycle cleaning work is completed, and it is required to perform maximum cleaning within a limited time.

Efficiently removing oil stains on drive parts such as chains and transmissions in a short time is a very important point. This product, DRIVE CLEAN, is an indispensable dedicated cleaner for cleaning work in such actual stores.







How to use

  • 1) Start cleaning when the part to be cleaned is as dry as possible.

  • 2) Using a brush etc., soak the liquid well in the area where you want to clean the oil stains.

  • 3) Rub the dirt with a brush.

  • 4) Carefully rinse with water. This liquid reacts with water to emulsify and run off with dirt.

※ This liquid reacts with water and emulsifies. If you mix it with water before rubbing the dirt, the effect will be halved, so start cleaning as dry as possible.

※ It is more effective to wash it off with our bike clean.

※ Please use our Bicycle Chain Oil after cleaning.