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Bicycle shampoo & coating agent


BIKE WASH COAT 4L (Use quantity : 10ml/bike)

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Origin Japan
List Price 10,530 Yen
No of Use 400
Cost per car 26 Yen


Cleaning and coating are possible at the same time

This product Bike Wash Coat is a shampoo that can be washed and coated at the same time. It is possible to wrap dirt with very fine foam and gently wash your car without worrying about scratching it.

When the remaining foam is flushed with water, the water-repellent coating is complete. All you have to do is wipe off the remaining water.





Easy even for the first time

For those who want to make their bicycles cleaner but don't know what to do, or those who are not confident in washing their bicycles, it is a simple task to wash and flush with water, It is therefore a product that everyone can use safely.





Also suitable for coated vehicles

Recommended with Bike Clean as a cleaning agent for daily maintenance of frames coated with Crystal Glow for bicycle.

Not only does the water-repellent effect of the painted surface on which Crystal Glow for bicycle is applied last longer, but it is also possible to maintain the condition of the painted surface in good condition by cleaning it with a Bike Wash Coat on a regular basis.





Featured selections at SENSHA Bicycle outlets and Bicycle Specialty Stores

At each SENSHA Bicycle store, which specializes in bicycle washing and coatings nationwide, we have received the support of many customers and have constructed many bicycles. We hope you will give it a try.




How to use

  • 1) Rinse off dust, sand, mud and dirt with water.

  • 2) Soak about 10 ml of this solution into our Utility Sponge.

  • 3) Hold the Utility Sponge, compressing and expanding it repeatedly and let bubble much.

  • 4) Wash your car softly and gently with the foamy bubbled sponge.

  • 5) After washing, be sure to rinse with plenty of water before it dries.

  • 6) At this point, the coating has been completed, so wipe off the remaining water to complete the process. It is recommended to remove the wheel as it will make it easier to work in every detail.