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Vinyl plastic with tape to cover some parts to protect from spill or paint mist


W x L Size: 1000mm x 33M x 1pcs

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Origin Japan
List Price 1,070 Yen
No of Use 10
Cost per car 107 Yen


Feature and benefits

I wish there was such a product! MASKING TAPE WITH VINYL


MASKER TAPE is a masking tape with vinyl that facilitates polishing work.


When polishing, the compound (abrasive) used is scattered, and polishing debris and powder are generated.


When these items adhere to plastic or rubber parts, they can stick and turn white.


It is not uncommon for whitened areas to not be remedied by normal car washing with car shampoo, so it is important to protect all parts of the car except the target area by curing them beforehand.


MASKING TAPE can be used for small areas, but MASKER TAPE is best for covering the entire window glass or completely covering the three-dimensional wiper area.


In some cases, the old-fashioned method involves applying newspaper or other paper, but if you are not familiar with the process, you will not be able to apply it properly, and you will lose significant time before the polishing process.


With MASKER TAPE anyone can easily apply a professional curing treatment.


It is also effective when applying durable coatings such as "Crystal Glow" and "Bumper Crystal".

By protecting areas you do not want to adhere to, you can proceed with your work with confidence and safety

Example of Installation

Use according to your application. Two different widths of vinyl available!


The areas to be cured with MASKER TAPE can be large or small, depending on the purpose and parts of the car.

By using MASKER TAPE of different lengths, it can be used for various purposes.

  • It is ideal for curing large areas, such as covering the entire window glass or the entire body of a vehicle. It can also be easily used when cleaning the home.

  • It is ideal for protecting small parts and parts of the car, such as small window panes and front grilles. It is also useful for protecting electrical parts and the area around the gauges when cleaning the interior of the car.

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