MASKING TAPE 30mm ×4 pieces ×10 set

Product ID : 225-10p

Tape for protecting or seal some parts


Size: 30mm ×4 pcs/set ×10 sets (10sets = 40pcs)

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Origin Japan
List Price 8,635 Yen
No of Use 40
Cost per car 216 Yen


Feature and benefits

A must-have for safe polishing work! MASKING TAPE


Speaking of necessities for polishing work, isn't MASKING TAPE a must-have?


As many owners are probably aware, the compound (abrasive) used in polishing work can turn white if it is used to polish plastic or rubber parts.

If parts that should be black turn white, the car as a whole will look very bad.


Furthermore, plastic and rubber parts that have once been polished with compound and turned white will not be improved by ordinary car washing with car shampoo.

Therefore, it is important to use masking tape to protect the surface before polishing.



MASKING TAPE is also effective in the application of durable coatings.

Coating agents such as "Wheel Crystal," "Bumper Crystal," and "Window Crystal" have a very strong coating film, so if they adhere to rubber during application and harden as they are, it may be very difficult to remove them.


To put it simply, as long as it is noticed and wiped off immediately, there will be no problem in most cases. However, owners who have concerns are encouraged to use this service not only for polishing work, but also for the application of durable coatings.


Example of Installation

Use according to your application. Eight different thicknesses are available!


Masking tape is used to protect large areas such as bumpers, headlights, and long, narrow gaps between panels. There are various areas to be cured with masking tape, such as large areas of bumpers and headlights, and long, narrow gaps between panels.

In order to cure various areas, it is essential to use several different types of masking tape with different thicknesses.

  • Ideal for curing large areas such as headlights and bumpers.

  • Useful for curing emblems, door moldings, etc.

  • A necessity for curing narrow gaps such as between panels.


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