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Origin Japan
List Price 120,000 Yen
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Cost per car 120,000 Yen



The main purpose of PPF construction is to protect the car body surface, prevent fading, and prevent scratches.


It is popularly called PPF taken from the initial letters of Paint Protection Film. The purpose of PPF is to protect the body surface, prevention of fading colors and scratch protection, etc.

Most PPF products are from the U.S. and the manufacturers are limted. Within such industry, Syncshield was developed in Japan by SENSHA in cooperation with several Japanese film related manufacturers and will be the new flagship product of the SENSHA Brand.

Compared to other popular products in the market, Syncshield has many unique performance enhanced features added. Its on a performance level of its own.





This picture shows Syncshield pasted on a dark blue car body panel. As you see, an old and dull looking body panel (right half side of picture) is revived with luster and looking like a high-class brand new body (left half side of picture). By applying Syncshield, you can restore the luster and shine of the body surface on your car just like brand new. You can experience extra-shine if your car is new, a deeper luster if it has condensed color.




The most unique character of Syncshield is its scratch resistancy. When you get fine scratches, our PPF carries a "Self Healing Effect" to prevent fine scratches from getting on your car. This is called Soft Coating which is a brand new technology born from the completely opposite idea of Hard Coating used for protection films for smart phones and windshields and fixes the scratches immediately (Please see video, the scratches caused by wire brush is fixed immediately). Other brand products require heat to fix the scratches, whereas Syncshield heals under normal temperature. No hot air or hot water necessary!




Syncshield has excellent water repellency. The result of water contact angle test was 110°, which is the level equivalent to water repellent glass coating. No need for glass coating or waxing.




Tars and pitches from asphalt roads stick on the vehicle body. Oily stains from exhaust gas also is a reason for the vehicle to get dirty. To prevent these stubborn stains, we strengthened oil repellency also. Contact angle test using hexadecane resulted in 65°. This video shows what happens when aerozole engine parts cleaner is sprayed on our PPF.




Vehicles are exposed not only to tars and pitches, but also to other liquid like maintenance cleaners. Gasoline, etc. Many of these liquid contain organic solvent which cause severe blemishes to PPF. Syncshield strengthened solvent resistancy in addition to the oil repellency. This video features the tests conducted to showcase the different performances level of Syncshield.


Use dedicated mounting liquid upon application of Syncshield.

Please use with SENSHA Brand products upon maintenance, daily car care and car wash.


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