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Sticker, Label, Glue Remover


GLUE CLEAN 18L ... 1 cube tin pail

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always difficult, to peel the glue

When you peel off various stickers and label stickers, you may not be able to peel them off cleanly and glue may remain. How are you doing such glue removal work?

Even if the glue can be removed by rubbing it, it is full of scratches. .. How many people have experienced it?





Easy for anyone! Glue removal work

This product Glue Clean is a glue remover developed for the purpose of removing glue that remains when stickers and label stickers are peeled off.

Apply glue clean to the sticky glue and let it penetrate to soften the glue and make it easy to remove.





How to use

  • 1) Soak the tissue with glue clean.

  • 2) Apply to adhesive.

  • 3) When the adhesive is soaked with glue and the adhesive becomes soft, remove the adhesive.

  • 4) After the adhesive is removed, wash it with body clean and so on.



● Please remove the stickers and stickers before construction. In particular, vinyl stickers and stickers must be removed as they do not allow solvents to penetrate.

● If the sticker has been stuck for a long time, the adhesive may harden and stick, and it may not be possible to remove it.

● If this solution is left on for a long time, stains may occur.

● It can be used on painted, glass, and metal surfaces, but be careful when using it on delicate materials such as plastic, as it may cause stains.

● It cannot be used for fabrics or leather.

Achievements of adoption in about 800 stores in 34 countries around the world

This product is used by about 800 stores in 34 countries around the world, including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.