SCR-20HD 25m×1070mm

Product ID : 04CS006

Black Visible light transparency 23%


Length 25m, Width 1,070mm, Thickness 25μm

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Origin Japan
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Cost per car 79,622 Yen



SENSHA window film is a high quality film produced by a special construction method of advanced technology. Its high functionality and excellent construction performance show dramatic performance compared to conventional products.

Please choose according to your needs and spend a fulfilling car life.




Achieving both excellent transparency and privacy protection

Gaze the inside un-viewable from the outside of the car while maintaining a clear view from inside the car.


Hard coat resistant to scratches

The hard coat layer, which boasts high wear resistance, can reduce the occurrence of scratches on the film surface.


UV protection

It blocks 99% or more of the ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn. It is effective in preventing deterioration of not only the face and arms but also the interior of the car.


Anti-scattering effect

Since the glass of automobiles uses tempered glass, if the glass breaks due to an accident, etc., it is highly likely that it will scatter in powder form, which is extremely dangerous. By sticking a film, it protects the people in the car with its high anti-scattering effect.


Energy saving effect

The excellent heat insulation effect blocks the heat of the sun in the summer and prevents the heat inside the car from escaping through the windows in the winter.


Outstanding weather resistance

Smoke type products are film raw material coloring type. Compared to the film surface coloring type, it is more resistant to fading of the film due to aging and maintains a deep color tone for a long period of time.


SENSHA WINDOW FILMS is available not only in smoke type but also in transparent type and heat insulation type.



Product code Visible light
Ultraviolet rays
             solar radiation Shielding factor
Transmittance (%) Reflectance (%) Absorption rate (%)
3mm Float glass 91 65 85 8 7 1.00


6 <1 44 6 50 0.69


14 <1 47 6 47 0.72


23 <1 52 6 42 0.76


30 <1 55 6 39 0.78


46 <1 62 6 32 0.83


17 <1 14 56 30 0.26


93 <1 83 7 10 0.97


89.3 0.8 67 7 26 0.85

Achievements of adoption in about 800 stores in 34 countries around the world

This product is used by about 800 stores in 34 countries around the world, including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.